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An Introduction to g. Cuneo

In 1993, Gino Cuneo founded Cana’s Feast Winery (previously known as Cuneo Cellars) located in Carlton, Oregon. Cuneo Cellars grew its brand presence and in 2005 was recognized as the ‘Oregon Winery of the Year’. Renamed Cana's Feast Winery in 2006, it has developed a strong retail and hospitality emphasis. This model has required a highly visible retail location and facility, multiple brands, varieties, and price points, in addition to significant personnel and management needs for its “high-touch” approach.

Gino Cuneo Cellars LLC was established in December of 2007. It is a new launch by Gino Cuneo into the production and sales of ultra premium Italian-style wines in the Pacific Northwest. It was established to capitalize on the unique experience and reputation of Gino Cuneo as a winemaker and vineyard manager, by specializing in the growing and making of Italian Varietal Wines.

Gino Cuneo Cellars is the only winery entirely devoted to Italian varietals and the Italian style of winegrowing and winemaking in the Northwest. GCC is the Northwest leader in vineyard and winemaking practices that reflect the unique demands of Italian varietals. ‘Italian from the ground up’ is our guiding principle. Our estate vineyards have been carefully designed to replicate the growing methods of their respective counterparts in the world class vineyards of Italy. GCC produces wines that represent the three great stars of Italyian wines: Sangiovese of Tuscany; Nebbiolo, the grape of Barolo and Barbaresco in Piemonte; and the appassimento wines of the Veneto, such as Amarone.

As defined by our motto “Italian Style – American Soil”, our goal is not to “clone” Italian wine but allow the Italian varietals to express themselves in the unique soils and climate of Washington.

In 2013, the company made a strategic decision to eliminate its super-premium wine called Bonatello which was created for the high-volume wholesale distribution channel due to its slow developing sales volume and low-margins. GCC has realigned its vineyards, production operations, and brand to focus on the high margin Direct-to-Consumer channel (tasting room, wine club and mailing list).

This company repositioning effort will be competed on May 1, 2014 with the opening of our new tasting room in downtown Walla Walla, our new product and website branding (g. Cuneo), and implementation of a formal wine club. Our ultra-premium wine category products (Seccopassa, Bonatello Riserva, Nebbiolo Riserva, Nebbiolo, Ripasso and Nebbaro) will be sold through our Direct-to-Consumer channel at high margin retail prices. The production and sales target for the Ultra Premium reserve program is 1,100 cases.

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