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Press Coverage (sampling)

Seattle PI, February 12, 1012

‘… Gino Cuneo: Chasing the Elusive New World Amarone’ - The Pour Fool“I tasted the finished wine, Tre Nova “Seccopassa”, last week and it is absolutely, unequivocally an Amarone. All the hallmarks of the style are there: amazing depth, shocking complexity, viscous texture, and even a few of the flavors of the Italians, despite the vast differences in the grapes.”

Seattle Times, March 18, 2012

‘A Passion for Appassimento Wines in Walla Walla’ – Paul Gregutt“Gino Cuneo has been making wines in Oregon, with both Washington and Oregon grapes, for more than two decades. His recent move to Walla Walla has accelerated his efforts to replicate some of the most unusual and labor-intensive wines in the world — the appassimento-style wines (Amarone and Recioto) of the Veneto.”

Wine Press Northwest, September 15, 2008

‘Little Italy: Red Italian varieties thrive in the Pacific Northwest’ - Andy Perdue

Article features both the 2006 Seccopassa and the 2006 Bonatello wines.

Wine Press Northwest Winecast – October 14, 2008

‘Little Italy’ – Andy Perdue’s interview with Gino Cuneo

“Late last week, I caught up with Gino Cuneo, an Oregon winemaker who isn't using any Oregon grapes this year. Instead, the owner of (Gino Cuneo Cellars) is focusing his efforts on Italian varieties from Eastern Washington's Columbia Valley. Cuneo is making one of the Northwest's most unusual and labor-intensive wines. Check it out in this week's Northwest Winecast.”


NW Wine Press Northwest, October 25, 2008

‘Harvest Weekend’ – Andy Perdue“Lessons for next year: Thin more heavily. Gino Cuneo of (Gino Cuneo Cellars) in Carlton, Ore., suggested one cluster per shoot. That would probably give me a maximum of 15 to 20 clusters per vine (vs. the 30 to 40 I have this year).”

Northwest Palate Magazine, November / December 2008 Issue

‘2008 Northwest Trends and Best Picks’ highlighting the 2006 Seccopassa

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