In 2010 GCC launched a new wine called “Nebbaro™”. Nebbaro is a blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera. The significant structure of the Nebbiolo and the color and fruit of the Barbera make a very agreeable, food friendly wine. This type of blend is unusual in Piemonte, where both of these grapes originate, and is sought after here in the US market.

2014 Vintage

Close Out Special = $315/case

(includes 25% Discount plus free shipping)

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Our “Ripasso” style wine employs the Venetian technique of blending wine made from both slowly dried (appassimento) fruit and non-dried fruit. They represent a kind of middle ground between traditional red wines and Amarone. Ripasso wines have a very strong following in Italy and are well accepted in the US, recognized for their unique complexity and richness of texture and flavor.

2014 Vintage

Close Out Special = $405/case

(includes 25% Discount plus free shipping)

call to order: 503-949-1992


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