The name we give to our dry (Secco) wine that is made using the Appassimento (passa) dried-fruit method. This is the same winemaking process that is used in to make the world famous Venetian Amarone wines. To date our Seccopassa™ is the only true Appassimento wine made in America. Following the Venetian tradition, the clusters are first individually laid out on drying racks, and then dried under controlled temperature and humidity for three and a half to four months resulting in a 30% to 35% weight loss. Generally by mid January to early February the grapes are then destemmed, lightly crushed and then fermentation is carried out as a normal red wine fermentation. Its overall impression is one of a very rich, full wine with excellent balance and fine ripe tannins.

$75/bottle 2014

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Aspen Times Wine of the Year



In 2009 Gino Cuneo Cellars began production of Nebbiolo from an existing planting at Coyote Canyon Vineyards in the Horse Heaven Hills AVA. Gino Cuneo has been developing his craft with Nebbiolo from various Pacific Northwest sites since 1994. He is very excited to be making Nebbiolo (his original Italian wine passion) again and believes this source will produce a fine example of this most noble of Italian grapes.

$45/bottle 2014 

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In 2010 GCC launched a new wine called “Nebbaro™”. Nebbaro is a blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera. The significant structure of the Nebbiolo and the color and fruit of the Barbera make a very agreeable, food friendly wine. This type of blend is unusual in Piemonte, where both of these grapes originate, and is sought after here in the US market.

$35/bottle 2013

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Bonatello™ Riserva


The Bonatello™ Riserva are made from 100% Sangiovese fruit grown in the Columbia Valley of Washington State. We employ a number of clones such as the “Brunello” Clone VCR 6, a Romagnolo Clone VCR 23, and a small berry clone which has been in use in Washington State for a couple of decades. Each clone contributes slightly differing attributes to the final wine, but together all express lively red fruit, and earthy aromas, rich fruit, and approachable ripe tannins, characteristic of the Sangiovese grape.

$60/ Bottle 2012


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Our “Ripasso” style wine employs the Venetian technique of blending wine made from both slowly dried (appassimento) fruit and non-dried fruit. They represent a kind of middle ground between traditional red wines and Amarone. Ripasso wines have a very strong following in Italy and are well accepted in the US, recognized for their unique complexity and richness of texture and flavor.

$45/bottle 2014

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A unique rosé type wine that has a dry, assertive style and its bright garnet color shines in the glass thanks to the process of using full flavored and boldly colored Sangiovese fruit.  A distinctively bold, crisp, full throttled rosé with an effusive wild fruit bouquet. Our Rosato has been well termed a “red wine lover's rose”.

$25/bottle 2016


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