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Italian Style - American Soil

g. Cuneo Cellars is solely dedicated to the cultivation of classic Italian varietals grown in the unique soils of Eastern Washington.”

To be truly successful, a varietal grown outside its native soil should bear many of the same characteristics that make it a great wine in its native environment. It should be recognizable as the varietal it is. However the task is not simply to “clone” it in another region.


One of the glories of wine is the pleasure it brings in subtle differences that are a direct expression of the place in it which it is grown. Therefore to be successful it is essential to respect the uniqueness of the grape, how it wants to grow, and have a firm understanding of the “place” in which it is being introduced.


At g. Cuneo we're bent on exploring how Italian red varietals express themselves uniquely in the warm climate regions of Washington. We’ve crossed borders and adopted old world Italian viticultural practices to best express the grapes through our unique climate and soils. We’re rooted right here in the soils of the great Columbia Valley and we’ve been able to bring new depth and complexity to our coveted, expressive Italian Style wines.

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